TITAN ASIA operates on various civil and military airports, with the support of their experienced technicians team, to do preventive, repair or corrective maintenance. We ensure the operational condition and the regulatory conformity of your stationary and mobile refuelling equipment. Each operation is followed by a report from our technicians validated along with our clients. These reports can be used in audits and can help to orientate your maintenance draft budgets as well.


TITAN ASIA offers to ensure the compliance and the improvement of refuelling equipment. from refurbishments to total reconstruction, we provide a second life to your equipment upgrading them to your requirements and to current regulatory requirements. Also, we can provide the integration of our new technologies, offering more ecological and economical options, after a feasibility study of the project. According to the amount of work to realize, we can operate in our premises or directly at your depot, supervising or collaborating with your local technical teams.


TITAN ASIA provides training modules in English (standards and customized) for all your operating staff, from the refuelling operator to the site manager. Dispensed at our premises or on site, we share our experience and our best practices for an optimal use of your equipment; safety and mastery of your working environment being at the heart of our concern. With test-in and test-out, academical instructions and practical exercises, our trainings cover all the aspects of the operation of your material from their commissioning, their controls, their operational maintenance and their repairs.

Technical advice

Our engineering office realize your customized projects and adjust it to your constraints. We study together your feasibility needs, we advise you, and we define and validate your technical specifications with our expertise. Thanks to our technical, legal and operational knowledges, our technicians and engineers can assist you to write a precise bill of specifications.

Spare Parts

TITAN ASIA commercializes components, spare parts and cunsomables for equipment and vehicles dedicated to petroleum logistic and refuelling.

  • Large stock of spare parts available for fast response
  • All major brands of refuelling components and accessories
  • Worldwide shipping and customs handling